How does it feel to be a woman in this world?

Hmm so, yes, somehow related to Madonna and Guy Sigsworth’s hit song, this is a question that many have asked themselves. Probably not only every non-woman individual but also some of those who identify as a woman themselves. This “enigma” has been tried to be answered by far too many and most probably failed. Even Google would try to answer this question, surely by calculating an algorithm that would interpret it as a sex related matter. And in all the fuzziness of categorized gender, this leaves us with a pile of judgemental and mediatic answers that still consider a woman a sexualized and romantized object but not much more. A creature targeted by so many commercial values but very few, let’s say, Core Values, such as respect and depth.
So, as the song sings: What does it really feel like, for a girl?

Herself, is a project that I started with the idea of giving a chance to women around me to declare and explain their way of living their womanhood. What you see here is a pre-release of a zine including some of the portraits already done combined with thoughts of the women portrayed. This is intented to turn into a self-published book later this year.


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