Filmouflage Festival

I am co-founder and organizer of Filmouflage. A festival focused around the audiovisual creation seeking to generate co-support channels that reveal and share the productions made in Berlin with those being developed in Colombia. To do this, we have made over the past four years an open call in Berlin and Colombia, receiving hundreds of proposals in the format “less than 15 minutes”.

Our main purpose is to make this artistic, political and cultural exchange a learning process. This idea stems from the desire to communicate through film what happens in two countries distant in territory but often not so distant in expression. For us, breaking borders is important and this project focuses on connecting filmmakers and gather people of all types around moving images to discover what those at 9,000km of distance want to tell them.

Filmouflage has become through the years a platform where film, art installations, illustrations and musical performances meet to deliver an independent and authentic perspective about life, conflict and artistic creation in the tropics.

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Posters for the 5th Filmouflage Festival titled SOMOS which hosted multiple screenings in Útica, Bogotá and Berlin.